2012 Where Did It Go?

Each new year I always find myself wondering where the last year went. 2012 is no exception. Looking at my last Blog entry from March of 2012, I find myself amazed at how life can get in the way of, well, in the way of everything no matter how small or large. Somehow we come out on the other side, dust ourselves off and carry on.

This entry today is not going to be one of those “Holiday Letters” that we so don’t look forward to. We had our stuff..you’ve had your stuff. We all know stuff happens! This entry is more about the upcoming year..the changes that we will be making as far as the farm and business, with a lot of “look at what just happened’s”. I’ve made a couple of appearances  changes today and there will be more to come. One thing that I did was tied the Blog to Facebook. I am going to rely on you all to tell me…STOP!! or keep going with this. Bear with me on this, it may take some time to get everything the way I want it.

That’s it for today. Let’s see how this looks and I’ll get back to making more changes.

Before I forget…Happy New Year!!


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