simple doorstop [not another sheep!?]

This is such a wonderful idea I just had to share with my readers!!

Sheepy Hollow Farm

I had a bit of left-over burlap from my recent lampshade makeover. I thought I would use it to re-cover a brick doorstop.


Not much to this project, simply add a little cotton batting and wrap the brick with burlap…as if wrapping a gift. I used a dab of hot glue to hold the seams in-place and then, with needle-and-thread, stitched them down to tidy them up.


I scanned a sheep pic into my computer and transferred the image onto muslin. I top-stitched around the sheep with black thread to highlight the image and then simply whip-stitched it to the brick.


And there you have it…never enough sheep… I guess!

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