Noil Silk – Fiber Arts Friday


As most of you know the other side of my farm business is goats milk products. This time of year I am kicking it into high gear getting ready for Holiday Markets, Open Houses, and Shows. One item that I make (knit or crochet) is a big supply of wash cloths. Usually out of organic cotton. I keep them simple because the only time I can knit or crochet is late evening after chores and dinner.

This year I am changing up what the cloths are made from. I’ve noticed many specialty facial and body cloths are made from a dense over twisted cotton and are sold as exfoliating cloths. Not being a super cotton spinner and not liking any of the yarns I had found in cotton to try that would accomplish a cloth that would be exfoliating too, my search brought me to Noil Silk – raw rough spun silk.

I’ve made a dozen or so of them and used one as a test. So far, after using it in the shower and laundering it 6 times – it’s definitely a winner! The cloth keeps it shape, of course no shrinkage and it maintains its exfoliating quality. I am only using yarns that are natural colored or natural dyed and organic.

From my standpoint…I think their great!

To see what other are doing this Friday check out Fiber Arts Friday


How Little It Takes…

It’s amazing how little it takes to excite me anymore. I just joined several Ravelry Groups in hopes of sharing some of what I do and make new friends in the fiber world. If you don’t know what Ravelry is check out their website at It’s pretty cool stuff! My screen name is “Breezhill” if you’d like to check out the Groups I’ve joined.

We have now determined that our Icelandic sheep are not that bright. Yesterday evening we were at the barn pulling a couple of sheep fleeces that are sold. We took a little time to just sit with the animals and visit. Apparently, Ricky and Holly didn’t see any food in this visit so they went off on their own. The next thing we knew, they were on the other side of the fence looking at us. When they realized that we could see them, they leisurely walked back to the hole in the fence and stepped back in. Now maybe I’m not being 100% fair here..possibly they are not dumb but incredibly smart. Do you think they may have been trying to let us know there was another hole in the fence??  Can’t wait to see what they come up with today. I swear they remind me more of goats than sheep.

Tomorrow is Fiber Arts Friday on It’s a lot of fun to see what’s happening with others and their new creations. Come on over and join in.

I am working on our new goats milk soaps and fragrances for the Holiday’s and would love some input from you all. Each year I try to come up with at least 2 special fragrances and a new mold for the season. Something to make the bath smell good and a gift that people will enjoy giving and receiving. Leave comments as to what you think would be nice. If I pick your idea, we’ll send you a gift box with the new fragrance soap and some other goodies!

Quiet Peacefulness of the Country?

As I sit here trying to figure out what next for the day, it occurs to me that something is bothering me. I’m irritable, figity and in general getting in a bad mood. It’s noise! When you move to the country, peace and quiet are the two things that come to mind. You can hear the birds sing, you go hours without hearing a single sound of any kind and its just peaceful. You know what, that simply isn’t true. The thing that’s so funny about what I’m getting ready to write is I grew up in the country and as a child I can remember the deafening silence (especially as a teenager). Not a lot of traffic, no horns blowing, lawn mowers, weed wackers..there just wasn’t that much noise.

So far today, I’ve heard heavy equipment running..for hours. The farmer next door is cutting and putting up hay. Apparently this is not a process that is done sitting in the tractor but one that requires a person strutting around, swinging their arms and yelling! So what do you think happens when this occurs? That’s right, the dogs go nuts, the sheep and goats take off running for fear that their lives will surely end soon and I am jumping up and down like a “pogo” stick trying to see what the problem is. As if that isn’t bothersome enough, another neighbor (not a farmer, but son of the farmer) has just returned from a weekend of  “truck pulling” (tractor truck style). So there’s the banging and clanging of pulling these trucks off the hauler. Well, he must not have done well because those trucks sound like they are on the fast track to explosion. All the while the neighbor and another dude are standing around yelling at each other at the top of their lungs because they can’t hear over the trucks idling. Keep in mind this neighbor shared his feelings about our dogs barking at the UPS driver all the time and how it just had to stop!  The military has more than obviously changed their “day’s of thunder” helicopter flight pattern to go right over the house. Each time this has happened (of the 6 times) the windows shake and you guessed it..the dogs bark, then the sheep and goats take off running’s an aerial assault don’t ya know.

So, what have we accomplished today? The dogs have exercised their vocal cords, the sheep and goats have run to the point of exhaustion, I have spent hours going from window to window, field to field just making sure that all of the commotion is what I think it is and not some predator ready to eat the flock or herd. Maybe I expect too much from country living but it would be nice to have a 30 minute stretch of time when my ears aren’t being abused. Oh my I really am in a bad mood. Sometimes we must vent and even rant a bit!

OK, that’s it, no more fussing. I’m off to make soap for the rest of the day!

The Icelandic’s Have Arrived!

Several months ago, I share pictures from a farm visit, where I had looked at Icelandic sheep. Holly, one of those sheep, already had been chosen to come to our farm but she need a buddy. Well, I finally made a decision and we picked up our two new sheep Saturday evening from Magi’s Wood Farm. They are absolutely beautiful – well you be the judge- meet Holly & Ricky (girl).


New Girls Meeting "Roy"

New Girls Meeting "Roy"

I can’t wait until we shear them next month so I’ll have their fleeces to work with.

We were told several things about these sheep that had given us some cause for concern. First, we were told they aren’t real big on flocking. The first day that seemed to be true but if there is a grain bucket involved they seem to flock just fine. We were also told that the Border Collies could not herd them. This isn’t exactly so, you see, if all the sheep are together, they can all be herded. While I feel like the new girls tolerate our sheep, I know they much prefer the the goats. After the song I heard the other day, “Sheep Go To Heaven..Goat’s Go To Hell”, I don’t know that I like this bond so much..HaHa!!

Well I’m off to make soap. The Green Market at Brandermill is Thursday and as always, I’m not ready! Someday I will get caught up, maybe in January?? I’m looking at this market as the launch of “crazy season”. Wow! It’s hold on time. By the way Molly, from Fall Line Farms Co-op will be there signing up new members for the Winter Season

In my next blogpost I will introduce you to our new project that I will be partnering up with Nadolski’s Butcher Shop in Goochland Virginia on. It’s new, exciting and on the path of my true passion. Can’t wait!

Until next time, be safe and enjoy this wonderful Indian Summer weather.

We Have A Winner!

I know I told everyone in the Giveaway Blog that I would announce the winner for the 2 bars of Goats Milk Soap and the Wool/Alpaca blended socks tomorrow but I’m not going to be around to do that, so we held our drawing and we have a winner and a copy of her comment:

Diane Muska

New soap sounds wonderful and hard to beat alpaca socks with the cold winter weather we have coming up.

Congratulations Diane!

Everyone, be safe the rest of the Holiday and enjoy.