What A Hot Day

Well here we are, the 25 day of April, the day time high was 92 degrees! That’s a bit on the high side considering we are in Virginia. According to the forecast we are looking at another day in the 90’s tomorrow and Monday. Thankfully, Breeze Hill Farm got it’s name because we have a breeze here most of the time. Unfortunately, all of our shearing is not done. Kosmo, our llama has been laying on his back most of the day. He will get shorn later on this week. The sheep are wondering why we waited so long to shear them, not to mention all those beautiful oak trees haven’t completely sprouted their leaves, so there’s no real shade yet.

Enough about the weather for now. I know everyone is wondering where the Fiber CSA option is in our Store. It’s coming! Just making the last few tweeks on it and it will be up for purchase by the end of the week. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for us and hopefully it will be for you too.

If anyone happened to make it out to the West End Farmer’s Market today, I’m sure you noticed we weren’t there. Hubby and I managed to eat something that didn’t exactly agree with us yesterday, so we stayed home. I really don’t like to miss the first market’s of the season but sometime you have to make decisions based on how you feel. So, our first market will be next Saturday at St. Stephen’s Church (Richmond, VA). It should be a fantastic producers market!