Spring Fiber CSA is Now Available

Oh Boy!! We are so excited. We’ve just finished uploading our Spring  Fiber CSA to our website/store. Just go to www.breezehillfarm.com to view it, comment on it or buy a share (or more!). If you have any questions please email us or call. It’s not perfect..yet, but everything is working great.

Come Visit Our Fiber CSA Listing

Come Visit Our Fiber CSA Listing

As I have said before, in an earlier Blog, at a different address, this is something that could have not happened if folks like Martha’s Vineyard Fiber farm and Jacob’s Reward Farm had not validated a concept that I had stored away for years. Thank you guys!

As time goes by, we will have more and more photos and information to share.  It shouldn’t be much longer before the “new” website is up and running too. This is not always an easy task because 2 of us are working on this..at different times and it can get a bit confusing but the fact that we are on the same page (ha) helps the process.

We really hope that you will support the concept of the Fiber CSA and join us for the Spring 2009 Harvest!


One thought on “Spring Fiber CSA is Now Available

  1. I messed up! Let me do this again.I see you finally gave this dance we’ve been doing forever a name. CSA? Always knew you were the Mother Earth type;). I also see you aren’t the only one but you are “my one and only”! I’ll pass this on to the rest of the gals up here. They are going to be soooo excited. Just went to the website and ordered up one. You know, I wonder if I should do the same thing. Sitting on a ton of fleeces out in the barn. Guess I’m committed to following a blog now, thanks. Everything looks great!!!

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