Asleep At The Wheel

I have spent the better part of my day trying to fix a problem. It is amazing how one mistake can become so much of an issue but I believe it’s fixed. Wasting time is so very costly right now because there is so much going on. Exhaustion can cause you to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t do on your worst day. Enough about this.

I have been up to my ears in soap today too. The increase in milk production keeps me either making soap or lotion everyday. Having a heavy inventory is a good thing this time of year. It is normal for us to sell out of most of our soaps at each Farmer’s Market we participate in.  We now have customers calling and pre-ordering before market day because they don’t want to be disappointed by not being able to get what they came for. I’m glad that we have such wonderful customers and honestly, the advanced ordering is really a good thing because we know in how much more to make and bring. This season we have added some new and wonderful fragrances to our line too. “Tomato Leaf” has had everyone talking about that first tomato of the season and the “Cucumber Mint” is simply fantastic.

So now it’s time to hit the sack. Milking at 5:00 a.m. comes too soon when you’re still up after midnight. I’m feeling like I’m asleep at the wheel!


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