St. Stephen’s Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was the first St. Stephen’s Farmer’s Market in Richmond, VA. We are so glad that we chose this as our new market for 2009. What a fantastic market. So well thought out, such wonderful people incharge and the attendees..Wow! We are use to the coordinators thanking us for attending but never have we had the attendee’s thank us. Everyone was so excited and it showed in every part of the day. Sales were great and the contacts that we made will prove to be very beneficial too. Soap was the big seller for the day but there was a lot of fiber interest too. I took the spinning wheel this time. Usually I don’t take it because it tends to become more of a sideshow but I think it was a plus for yesterday. Not to mention, I’m getting work done while I’m working! Several people signed on to take spinning classes. Met a new family that has started a fiber farm and she really wants to learn how to spin.

The day could not have been as successful as it was had it not been for my husband. He is such a good salesman that I just let him go. I may have mentioned this before but we have one item that we sell that he isn’t allowed to sell. Our Collina Breeza Nourishing Cream is excellent for more mature skin types and it is a face and all over cream. Well, we learned when we first introduced it that it isn’t a good idea for a man to tell a woman that see needs this cream!! Everything else, he is top salesman for.

I’ve added a couple of photos of our booth. I cannot believe how fat I am and the grey hair, yuck. I need to go to a different kind of farm!

Happy Customers!

Happy Customers!




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