CSA Update and More

I cannot believe how quickly a week..or two goes by! Each time I blog, I promise to do so more often and the next thing I know it’s been a week or more since my last post. Apparently, having employees is how so many of you farmers/business owners are able to blog constantly. I find that there are simply not enough hours in a minute.

First thing I want to cover is the progress on the fiber processing for the CSA. I talked with the Mill Thursday. All of the blending and carding is complete and they anticipate that spinning will start by month end. The good news, for those who purchased the roving shares, the roving is being shipped this week. That shipment should be in by the end of the week and we will start sorting out the natural shares next week. I will start dying the dyed shares the following week and those should be ready for shipping to our shareholders the last week of August. Our plan is to have a small gathering the last Saturday of this month for roving pickup and for any other shareholders who want to come out for the day. We will have a lot going on for everyone to enjoy and there will be lots of food and drink. For those who wish to come in from out of town, we have reserved our favorite, local B & B for the entire weekend. Email me at breezehillfarm@verizon.net to let me know if you need lodging.

It was pretty exciting to see Breeze Hill Farm listed as the “Featured Producer” this week with Fall Line Farms Co-op. We are so happy with how successful the Co-op has been its first two seasons and look forward to season #3. Check them out, if you aren’t already a member. Several of our drop/pick up points are now carrying our products, so if you forget to order from the Co-op, you can pick up extra items from these these points. Gather carries a complete line of  our wonderful goat’s milk soaps and Cavanna Pasta has a nice sampling of our entire line of goat’s milk products. Weekly we are increasing our outlets for our products and are so happy when we hear from our customers through referrals.

Well, that about covers everything for now. I am off to make another large batch of lavender soap, so I’ll be very relaxed by the end of this day!


4 thoughts on “CSA Update and More

  1. Hey there!
    I found your soap at Gather a couple of weeks ago and I want to share with everyone just how wonderful it is. It’s absolutely fantastic!! I got your Lavender and Oatmeal and Honey and I have a very hard time deciding which one to use. My Mom had gotten me several bars of soap, from another soap maker through the Fall Line Farms Co-op that she is a member of and I won’t call any names, but the soap was awful. It didn’t last and it dried out my skin. Your’s is perfect and I understand that you make your own essential oils and you use honey from Brookview Farm. How local minded of you! Keep up the good work. When I found your blog, I just had to write this.

  2. Just got my first fiber from you. Oh my it’s just wonderful!! It’s the Alpaca & Wool blend that you offered in the Fiber CSA and I can’t wait to get my share. I wish I had ordered 2. I’ll email you separate to get a room reserved at the B&B the end of the month. Thank you for offering such incredible quality. Jen

  3. I love your products – one of my daughters has excema and your soap is all she can use. My other daughter is special needs and is very drawn to your scents because of her sensory issues and she loves them too – I just love the soaps because I feel cleaner when I use them – thats when I can get them away from my daughters that is!

    • Lori,

      Thank you for your kind comment. May I suggest that you copy and paste your comment in the Comments for today’s (Friday, August 28) Blog entry. I am having a contest and you could win a pair of socks and 2 bars of soap.

      Thank you again for the comment and for being our customer!


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