We Have Two Winners!

Since participation was so low in this giveaway, we decided to award wins to both who commented. Here they are:


This sounds great! I’ve never tried Goat’s Milk products before.


Jayne Salo

I’m really enjoying the products this summer as a member of Fall Line Farms. It’s been a lot of fun and I love everything I’ve tried so far! Stocking up for Christmas gifts too.

If you both could email me I can get your Goats Milk Lotion and Goats Milk Soap shipped out the same day. Jayne, your winnings will be at your pickup point for the Co-op on Thursday.

Thank you both for participating in our first Giveaway. Though the response was poor, we will be doing this frequently and not just Goats milk products but Fiber related items as well. So, be sure to check back to the Blog often.



2 thoughts on “We Have Two Winners!

  1. I was just getting ready to comment! Too late… 😦 Oh well, I will just have to buy some instead! Your products are wonderful. Thanks for what you do!

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