Ricky & Holly’s Great Adventure

The other day we heard a song, “Sheep Go To Heaven…Goat’s Go To Hell”. Being the owners of both, we could definitely see how someone could come up with a song like this, however this morning our new Icelandic girls tried to make good on sheep going to heaven – sort of.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Ricky and Holly’s third week here. They have done very well, are hearty grazers, tolerate the other sheep and goat’s and they love us for “grain bucket”, you know. All has been right with the world. Anyone who has been to our farm knows that the fencing isn’t in real good shape and we have a fence fund that we use to add new sections. By 2020 we should have all new fencing so we can start all over again..I digress. Apparently, our new girls have been intensely working on the fence line trying to find a way out since they’ve been here and this morning they found the “magic hole” and off they went.

Usually when we’ve had escapee’s, it’s been the greener grass other side thing – not so with them. They were on a Monday morning stroll. Our neighbor called and said “your buddies are out” and shocked, I said “our sheep?”. She said they were on their way to her house. With Pj’s still on, out the door I ran. When I got to the clearing at the neighbors..no sheep. Hubby ran down to the barn to see who was missing, it was the Icelandic’s. He grabbed a bucket of grain and came up to join me. We looked all over the place for them. The fields on both sides of us, the field across the road, of course our fields..nothing. We checked around our neighbors outbuildings, still no sheep. Where the hell are they? At that moment, I looked over at the church and there grazing in front were our two girls.

You will have to visualize this because when livestock escapes, you don’t normally carry a camera not to mention, grain bucket makes them move quickly. This church is white clapboard, historic landmark that sits just downhill from us. It has the old cemetery to the side and a tall white steeple. You have no idea what a beautiful scene this was. Very spiritual..very serene. We enjoyed it for a moment and with one shake of the bucket it was back to reality. We got them back in the pasture, found the hole in the fence and repaired it.

At our farm, when the goats get out, they get into trouble and get arrested. The sheep go to church! I guess Ricky and Holly’s adventure just proved the song right..sheep must have a higher calling.


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