Fiber Arts Friday – My New Old Girl

What I’ve done today is exclusive to Fiber Arts Friday. Many of you who read my Blog have already met my “New Old Girl” but for those who have not, here she is:



I got her last weekend at the Fall Fiber Festival. She is a “Mystery Wheel” with no markings of any kind. We thought it was an Ashford but it doesn’t appear to be. Best guess, it’s around 50 or more years old, in very good condition..of course it needs work, which I have already started. On Sunday it was an effort to make it spin, now I’ve spun a half a bobbin and it’s moving like a dream. It would be nice to get an idea of its maker because it only had one bobbin with it and it could use a couple of smaller parts.

Now for those who do not already know, I paid $60.00 for her! I’m thinking that this will make a nice demonstration wheel in the future. I just love it.

For anyone who is interested in participating click here Fiber Arts Friday to join in.


7 thoughts on “Fiber Arts Friday – My New Old Girl

  1. I so admire anyone who can spin. I’ve done some drop spindle spinning, but haven’t done as much as I’d like….there is always so much knitting to do! Nice blog!

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