Ahhh! The Weekend

Next week I will be participating in a 2 day Open House and a Harvest Festival. This time of year I like to have items other than our goats milk soaps, lotions and socks. So any yarn that hasn’t sold during the year I use to make items to sell at events like these coming up. This year I have very little yarn left over..so, it’s going to be a hats season. This box of yarn is representative of what will become those hats.

Future Hats!

Future Hats!

Several of the skeins left over are handspun and include a little mohair and silk in the blending. The others are mill spun skeins left over from the CSA shares from last year and are all wool. All of the yarn is handpainted by me and I think the colors have turned out pretty nice this year.

Remember, today is Fiber Arts Friday, so click this link and join in:


As you can see I have added an Events tab to my Blog. Over the weekend I will be adding events, so check back often to find out where we will be and when.


9 thoughts on “Ahhh! The Weekend

  1. I also love to see and read about your amazing and hardworking border collies. The captions always tickle me ~
    I would love to come and visit your beautiful world sometime!

    • Trying to make and sell cheese from the farm in Virginia is just too hard to do. Ours is not a bright shiny new place and we would have invested enough money in it to buy another place..just didn’t make sense.

  2. Great weblog and projects and products! I am working on a book about the building of a micro-Grade A dairy. Ours was $16,500. but we do not pasteurize, so did not have to add that expense. I have always wanted our information to help others, but I’m just so busy working that I can’t seem to get the book, (which is ready), into the right form for publishing!

    Anyhow not too long from now….

    Keep up the great work,

    • Thanks for the comments about the Blog. I think your book would be a great roadmap for anyone who is thinking about starting a dairy. I’ve had the pleasure of reading you in Dairy Goat Journal and love your writing style..it keeps the readers attention and that’s more than half the battle won. You are the one who needs to keep up the good work. I’ll follow your Blog so I will know when the book is published..look very forward to it.- MaLinda

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