Interesting To Listen To

This is a Blog Post from ” All Things Goat” that I found to be interesting listening. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cashmere Goats: Mongolia

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mongolian goat farmers have seen the price of Cashmere plunge after years of high prices driven by the West’s seemingly insatiable desire for luxury.

Many of the farmers, including Dalantai Khatanbaatar, have taken out loans to get by but can’t pay them back without selling the livestock that sustains them in the first place.

Like 40 percent of the country’s population, Khatanbaatar is a herder. With 250 sheep, 80 cashmere goats and 50 horses, Khatanbaatar regards himself as middling-poor and now he’s struggling to pay back his $350 loan.

“Before I used to buy lots of bags of flour and rice to stockpile over there. Now you see it’s empty,” Khatanbaatar says of the storage space in his ger. “We cannot eat any less. We don’t eat too much anyway.”

And with winter looming, it’s likely that the worst is still ahead, as National Public Radio reports in this story.

Thank you Naimhe Jeanne (Nee-Vah Jeen) and Martha Ann – “All Things Goat” Blog for sharing this.

If you check out the Event Page of my Blog you will see that I am preparing for this evenings “Ladies Night Out” at Ashwood Gardens & Nursery. So I suppose I should get back to work!


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