Rain & Sog – Enough of A Good Thing!

As we are all learning..too much rain (and in some cases snow) is becoming “enough of a good thing”. After our major down pouring of Tuesday evening our farm could easily become a “rice patty”. There isn’t a square inch of this property that isn’t sog. I’ve actually had to milk the goats outside for two days because even the barn has become a soggy mess. The good news..it’s sunny and beautiful today and should be tomorrow as well. The bad news..the weather people are calling for more “wet” this coming weekend. Spring and Summer should produce crops and gardens that look like they’ve been on steroids! OK, enough about the weather.

I am so happy to see the high volume of sales we are experiencing this Holiday Season. Giving consideration to the economy still not being in that great of condition, I am surprised that sales are up for us. I suppose it’s easier on the pocketbook to purchase a bar of soap or a skein of wool..the person is giving a nice, handmade gift that the recipient can use. I appreciate every single one of our customers who are doing this because they are not just taking care of their gift giving..they are keeping a farm in business. It’s a valuable thing for all of our customers to realize how very important their purchases are to us..and feel good about it!

Remember to buy local whenever possible and handmade always comes from the heart.


3 thoughts on “Rain & Sog – Enough of A Good Thing!

  1. LOL!!! hahahaha rice patty! What a great word picture!!! Yes, too much of a good thing is not a good thing….but it’s coming again…more snow here this weekend.

    I’m so glad that sales have been good…you know those with addictions don’t cut back even in the worst of times!!! Happy knitters and spinners!

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