A Beautiful Snow!

It fell in silence all night Friday and all day Saturday, blanketing the earth with 19 inches of it’s pure white grace. No sounds of cars or trains or even people. There were no prints, not even that of a bird. What an amazing feeling of solitude. The fire in the woodstove crackled sending its warmth into the house. We didn’t even talk as we watched this beautiful scene build through our picture window. I thought fondly of how many snows I had seen in my lifetime and how many of those were this close to Christmas. I thought of Christmas and wondered what we might do that day since Mom is back in the hospital. I thought of my Mom and wished that this draping of perfect beauty could somehow influence her healing process. I thought about my husband who has been my rock through all of the craziness of the last two months and wondered how all of this has made him feel. We gals don’t ask our hubby’s often enough how they are handling things, you know. Then with all of these thoughts and wonders, it hits me…..

Are You People Ever Going To Feed Us???

…the wonderful reality of owning a farm!!


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Snow!

  1. I can see the beauty of the Lord’s grace residing in your heart. How many women indeed think of their husbands’ well-being especially those whose duties imperil their lives and compromising their loved ones lives?

    On the other hand, how many husbands are thankful, grateful and appreciative of their wives thankless job to keep the family going?

    My dream as a child was to live in a farm … 🙂

    Have a safe season.

    Love the serenity of your surround with a blanket of white grace.

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