Sunday Evening Ramblings

As I sit here this Sunday evening, just two days past Christmas, I am thinking about all of the new and wonderful friends we have made this year. I am so thankful for the support and understanding that I have received through this Holiday Season from everyone. For me, it is not easy to “go public” with things that are happening in my life, because I am by nature a very private person. As I have been told though, all things are relevant to the Farm and our lives here at the farm. The changes in the seasons, aging parents, new births and good byes to old friends, watching the once black muzzle, of our border collie “Gabe”, take on hints of white, looking in the mirror and seeing my own hints of silver (got to do something about that before 2010!!!), feeling that great sense of  being satisfied and content and so much more..all things really are relevant to our farm life.

To all my family, friends, acquaintances and customers thank you for all being a part of Breeze Hill Farm! We couldn’t do it without you and honestly, wouldn’t even want to try.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday and are looking forward to 2010!

By the way, we have a new Domain Name for our Blog..still can’t believe it was available. When you go straight to us now you can type that cool or what??? Now we’ve really got to get to work on our farm website, it’s a mess.

Have a good night..go Redskins..later.


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