We Have A New (Online) Farm Store!

I am so excited to announce that we have set up a new farm store on Etsy. Check out the store  http://breezehillfarm.etsy.com and share your opinions. New keep in mind before you make that click, there are only 3 items in the store so far but I will be adding more this afternoon. With most Blogs, you will see a widget on the side for Etsy stores but for some odd reason I cannot seem to get the copy/paste thing to work with WordPress. Hopefully, that is something that will be fixed soon.

This does not affect the shopping cart on our website. Those items are still available until we take the site down and upload our new one. The new site was put on hold because things were just too crazy around here in November and December to add one more thing to the list. With fingers crossed, I am predicting that the new website will launch before month end. Then I will sing Oh Happy Day! One more thing off the to-do-list.


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