What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

From the time that I can remember I have known that Valentine’s Day was not just another day. It was most special in my home growing up and a big deal was always made of it. Why you may ask, well let me tell you.

One of the most special and influential people in my life was born on Valentine’s Day. This lady was so cool. She would spend the week before hiding Valentine’s all over the place for me to find..in my lunch bag, under my dinner plate, inside my pillow case, I never knew when a card was going to jump out at me. All of my friends loved it because she would do the same for them too. The house was always brimming with red and white roses from her fans. She made heart shaped cupcakes, big cakes and even once she baked a pork tenderloin shaped like a heart and did a ruffle of mashed potatoes and cherry tomatoes (Have you ever tried to do this? I have, apparently I don’t possess enough love!!). Not only was Valentine’s special to her because of her birthday, it was also her wedding anniversary. She just dripped with love at every turn on her special day and she shared it with everyone she knew.

This wonderful lady has been gone for over 33 years now but every Valentine’s Day I give my Mother a bud vase with one white rose (for this special lady), one red rose for her and one yellow rose for me. We were always the three generations..yes, the special lady was my Grandmother.

Today, as I walked down the hall of the hospital to my Mother’s room, with my 3 roses in one hand and my husband’s hand in the other, I prayed quietly for this tradition not to end quite yet.

I hope that everyone has had a Happy Valentine’s Day and that each of you have remembered all of those who have meant “love” in your lives..you know, it’s not just another day!


9 thoughts on “What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

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  2. What a beautiful story of love. I’m praying too, calling on the One who is able to not only restore but to also reunite us. I’m praying that that assurance is yours too. Jesus is the greatest Valentine of all times. I mean no offense as you know, I just can’t live without saying. Hang in there. I really am thinking of you.

  3. This is beautiful, and your grandmother was indeed a special woman. I have tears in my eyes. I hope your mother is doing better, and wish her many more red, white and yellow rose days.

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