2014 Yarn/Fiber Shares CSA

2014 Yarn/Fiber Shares CSA

CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – This term always brings to mind fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, breads and more. Food and ingredients that are grown using organic and natural practices. Stuff that’s good for you! Also, it is something that is subscribed to, something that individuals purchase in advance to aid a farm with “up front” capital to keep their farm business operational.

Our Yarn/Fiber Shares CSA is much the same. We raise our fiber animals, feed them, water them, vet care and ultimately we reap the harvest of amazing fibers that are clipped annually. What our CSA offers is a share or shares in that annual clip. The shares offer many things to those who choose to be share holders. First, you become an important part of our farm – cool huh? It gives a person who might embrace farm life but lives in an urban setting, the opportunity to be a viable part of the farm and our flock. Second, your shares give you fiber – yarns or rovings (your choice), that come from animals who have been cared for using the strictest natural and organic practices and fibers that are processed naturally. Animals that you have come to know through information we have provided to you during the “growing season”.

We keep our shares available low so everyone gets a fair and generous share of our 2014 clip. Also, each season we will have additional yarns and rovings available for sale, just in case your share does not give you enough yarn or roving to complete your projects.

How It Works, What You Get And How Much Does This Cost

1. Choose the Share or Shares you want and pay for it.

2. Upon notification of your payment, you will receive a Certificate/Share

3. You will receive regular updates via email and our Blog on how the flock is doing and when the shearing is complete you will receive status updates on the fiber processing stage.

4. If you are local, we will have a couple of farm visit days. For those who are not local we will give a 10% discount on any additional yarn or rovings you purchase.

5. Once the Spring and Fall shares are ready we will notify you and at the same time, we will post all al la carte items available (additional skeins or rovings and other farm produced items). We will give you a week to make your decisions about additional purchases then your share will be shipped. If you only want your share, just let us know and we will start shipping immediately.

The Spring clip shares will be shipped in June 2014

The Fall shares will be shipped in November 2014



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