simple doorstop [not another sheep!?]

This is such a wonderful idea I just had to share with my readers!!

Sheepy Hollow Farm

I had a bit of left-over burlap from my recent lampshade makeover. I thought I would use it to re-cover a brick doorstop.


Not much to this project, simply add a little cotton batting and wrap the brick with burlap…as if wrapping a gift. I used a dab of hot glue to hold the seams in-place and then, with needle-and-thread, stitched them down to tidy them up.


I scanned a sheep pic into my computer and transferred the image onto muslin. I top-stitched around the sheep with black thread to highlight the image and then simply whip-stitched it to the brick.


And there you have it…never enough sheep… I guess!

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Changes Underway

Some people take down their web presence when they are making changes and updates. I probably would if I knew how to! Instead, the next few things that I do to this Blog will be shared with everyone..sorry. Like I said yesterday, bear with me.

So I’m trying to come up with a lot of great content to share with everyone who might be interested in what I have to say and share, along with having a page or two devoted to Local (local Co-op’s, Farmer’s Markets, etc.).

OK, so here we go. Like I said yesterday, if this starts to get on your nerves…there is a comment section right here on the Blog…tell me!!

Take Me Home!

More To Come!!

2012 Where Did It Go?

Each new year I always find myself wondering where the last year went. 2012 is no exception. Looking at my last Blog entry from March of 2012, I find myself amazed at how life can get in the way of, well, in the way of everything no matter how small or large. Somehow we come out on the other side, dust ourselves off and carry on.

This entry today is not going to be one of those “Holiday Letters” that we so don’t look forward to. We had our’ve had your stuff. We all know stuff happens! This entry is more about the upcoming year..the changes that we will be making as far as the farm and business, with a lot of “look at what just happened’s”. I’ve made a couple of appearances  changes today and there will be more to come. One thing that I did was tied the Blog to Facebook. I am going to rely on you all to tell me…STOP!! or keep going with this. Bear with me on this, it may take some time to get everything the way I want it.

That’s it for today. Let’s see how this looks and I’ll get back to making more changes.

Before I forget…Happy New Year!!

Container Gardening Fans Read This…

We have come up with a wonderful product for all of those Container Gardening folks out there. It is our new Natural Growers Pack.

What is it and what does it do you may ask? It is a water retention and fertilizer system that is made from 100% all natural and organic materials. When you container garden or grow house plants, you are always faced with watering your plants..even if you are on vacation. Using our pack limits the need to constantly be watering your plants as the natural sheep wool acts as a sponge absorbing water and holding it for longer than just soil. The added get a pack of sheep manure compost to add to your soil as a natural fertilizer.

These are all of the supplies you need to use this pack:

The contents of the pack, a container, your plant or seeds, plus soil.

Start with an empty large to extra large container. Line the bottom of the container with the enclosed sheep wool. Now take the wonderfully rich in nutrients package of sheep manure compost and blend it with your in your container on top of the sheep wool. Add your plant. Water. That’s it..easy peasy!

It is a wonderful system for container vegetable gardening. By using this all natural system you eliminate the need to continuously fertilize your plants too. Your container tomato plants will be the envy of the neighborhood!

The Natural Growers pack is available in our ETSY store, through Fall Line Farms Co-op, Local Roots Co-op, The Great Big Greenhouse in Richmond, VA and more locations are coming soon as we fill orders. You, of course, can buy them direct through me and we will have them at local Farmer’s Markets this Spring and summer.

Do something good for your plants and make Mother Nature smile at the same time..oh yes, and each time you purchase/use one of these Natural Growers Packs you are supporting a small family owned sustainable farm business!

Winter Yesterday..Spring Today


Isn’t it amazing how unpredictable the weather really can be? Yesterday we had a beautiful snowfall in the morning, followed by a sunny afternoon and ending with another brief snowfall before evening. In a single days time, the pastures are turning green and those Spring flowers that were not already blooming are today showing signs of bloom. We’ve had thunderstorms in February and a steady flow of rainfall this Winter..all will serve the ground well for the growing season. While we need to get the earth tilled to start the gardens, the ground is actually too wet. This will postpone that early harvest we always shoot for but a late harvest is just as beneficial.

We have taken some time off from selling through our local Co-op’s and Winter Farmer’s Markets while we’ve reworked our farm. There will be a lot of changes to some of the products we have sold for years and we are adding a lot of new. We started selling our farm products in our ETSY store. It is slow going but we have had some sales. I’ve started working on the plans for offering workshops throughout Spring and Summer. There are so many things that a person can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle and hopefully these workshops will generate interest from those who are anxious to learn.

That’s all for now. I always promise that I will be better about keep up with Blog posts, let’s see if this time I can really do it!!