Just Snow Photos

A different perspective on the farm

Breeze & Gabe want to know when the FB is coming out!

Back to the barn

Is there hay in here?

The weather guys promised a big storm and for us this was a big storm. 15″ with drifting and more on the way tomorrow. Unfortunately, the “winter weather” tomorrow is suppose to be sleet and freezing rain. Got the generator gassed up for this past weekend, so we’re ready.  Then there is the “Nor-easter” that is being promised for Friday and Saturday. I do hope that before the weekend we will be able to get to the feed store (human and livestock).  One thing we know for sure before next winter, there are many things we need to do here to upgrade for inclement weather.

It is beautiful though, isn’t it?

Have a great day..either with the snow or what ever your current weather!