Batten Down The Hatches!!

Here we go for another round of winter weather. This one looks like it could be bad because of all the sleet they are calling for. All of the critters are settled in their digs, fed and watered. Now I am getting ready to make a pot of beef veggie soup, do some light cleaning and wait for the storm. Hubby is headed out to work but has his doubts he will be gone for long.

We went to the grocery last night, the first time I had been able to get out since last weekends storm. I should have taken the camera so I could take pictures of the shelves. I’m lucky that no one out here in the country likes to buy organic..that way I could get milk and bread, otherwise, we would have had to do without. The poor shelves had been stripped. Thought while I was out I would get fixins for the Super Bowl..need to do that Sunday morning if we’re dug out by then.

Took a look at the Almanac yesterday. According to it, we will have a major winter event every weekend in February in our part of the country. Oh goodie!

Well I’ve taken up enough time yammering about the weather. Have a great day and stay warm and safe.