A Good Day

Had a good day yesterday. The Events Coordinator at the facility where my Mother is right now, got wind (wonder how that happened) of the fact that I am a handspinner and asked if I would like to do a demonstration for the residents. While I am typically use to doing this for Womens Clubs, Garden Clubs and childrens groups, I wondered how well this would work out at a Rehabilitation and Nursing facility. To my surprise, it was wonderful. I had to keep it interesting, with a little detail but not too much information and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The men asked a lot of questions about how the wheel worked and about shearing. The women loved the beautiful colors of the hand dyed yarns, the softness of the fiber and the fact that I was the one spinning..not them! Overall I would dub this one a success.

I never realized, until yesterday, how badly the folks that are in a facility like this one, crave mental stimulation. People that I have seen when visiting Mom, that had never even said hello, were laughing and talking..asking questions and seemed to be loving it. To anyone who has a talent and would like to share, keep the retirement and rehab community in mind. Their days can be very long and lonely and they tend to retreat to within themselves as a result. Give them a reason to smile!

I haven’t posted much recently because it’s been quite busy here. By the time I’m ready to think about the Blog..it’s hours past bedtime and you wouldn’t want to read what I’d probably write anyway.

This is a picture of the field that just a month or so ago was covered in snow..just look at how much it’s come out for Spring.

With all of the snow and rain we’ve had so far this year..it’s starting to look like a mini jungle around here. Can’t believe all of the different flowers and new weeds there are that we’ve never seen before. It really is a beautiful and bountiful Spring!