Look At Our Big Suprise!

Yesterday went very smooth with Co-op deliveries and I am sorry to say, I didn’t get a single picture of anything all day. I did set up at Gather for a couple of hours and enjoyed meeting and greeting all of the new Co-op members as they picked up their orders and a reporter from the newspaper did interview me, so next week I should be able to share that with everyone. I also had the chance to sell several Fiber CSA shares. There are a lot of knitters in this area and they are all very excited about the idea of knowing exactly where their fiber comes from. It was just a good fun Thursday.

Look what we found at the barn this morning!



Now I ask you, are these two little girls cute enough. Their mother, “Blackie” is our stray goat (long story, we’ll share it some day). We knew Antonio had bred her and were hoping for a little black mohair. Antonio’s father was a black Angora but the white prevailed. She obviously is a very good Mom. She had these little girls all cleaned up and ready for a photo shoot by 8:00 a.m.  I’ve been at the barn most of the day just watching them with Blackie and watching Carley. I think she’s next, so tonight I won’t leave it up to her. It’s her first so I want to make sure she does OK.  It’s starting to look like a long sleepless Mother’s Day weekend. That’s fine..who could ask for a better Mother’s Day gift than beautiful healthy babies? Not me.


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