A Garden Beginning

For those who are not interested in gardening these photos will be boring but for us we’re pretty excited. As many of you know that are from Virginia we have had so much rain that it has been dificult to plow and get our gardens in. Yesterday hubby took the day off to get the plowing part done so this weekend, after the Farmer’s Market Saturday, we will finally plant the garden. Thank goodness we are not too late and the really cool part about it is when other’s have run out of veggies at the end of summer, we will still be harvesting. That’s great for the freezer and for the Market’s we attend too.  Be sure to check out our small stand of wheat. If all goes well, I will make pancake mix out of the harvest from that. So what if it only makes 3 pancakes!



Plowed dirt waiting for the disc.

Plowed dirt waiting for the disc.

Our Mini Wheat Field

Our Mini Wheat Field

The plan for the garden this year is a focus on Italian Heirloom’s. I can’t wait to see the first beans to show themselves!

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