Just Look At These Fleeces!

It’s the time of year when we are starting to get excited about shearing the sheep and combing the goats. Just take a look at the fleeces on these girls.  The other day I pulled on a few of their coats and found staple lengths to average 7 inches. That actually included the 2 Icelandics that were shorn in November.

We’ve decided this year to make a few changes in what the end products will be. Last year we tried our hand at a Fiber CSA, that did really well locally but not so great through the website. So, this year we are going to dump all fleece together and have it processed; 1/4 roving and 3/4 yarns. No doubt much of it will be dyed (since I’m “Jonesing” to dye!). What I should end up with is a blend of Sheep wool, Cashmere, Mohair and Alpaca. My business partner with the Alpaca’s figures we’ve got 148 fleeces this time. In the 15 + years that I have raised fiber producing animals, I have never done anything like this, so I’ve decided to start now making up samples. If any of you think you’d like to try a sample either of roving or yarn email me at breezehillfarm@verizon.net and when they are done I’ll send them out to you.

This is my big entry for Fiber Arts Friday. Have a great weekend, until next Friday!


7 thoughts on “Just Look At These Fleeces!

  1. Nice looking fleece! I too am dreaming of shearing day. Unfortunately mine aren’t scheduled for the shearer until June! Ugh, that’s 4 months away still 😦

  2. I love the blend of fiber you have to work with. I bet it’s dream to spin and to knit with. I have the dyeing itch too. I love my herd of color but I keep getting white fleeces from other farms to dye. I can’t help myself.

    Looking forward to seeing what you produce and I love the sample idea. I have been giving samples out to local spinners and have had a great return on it. I hope it works for you too.

    Thank you for participating in Fiber Arts Friday and I look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future.

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