It’s Sno-pretty!

Well who knew that the snowstorm the weather people down played this morning would turn out to look like this?

It is still coming down and doesn’t really show signs of stopping. I just walked into the kitchen to see what I might eat next and the kitchen window was full of birds (had the storm window up). The poor things don’t know what to do with themselves.

This photo is what I see when I look out that same kitchen window. The girls were looking for hubs to come feed them.One thing for sure, if you have a camera and you’ve had a snowy winter, you definitely got your shots for next years Christmas card. According to the forecast, we’re going to have more snow Tuesday! Can’t wait.

Be safe and stay warm.


7 thoughts on “It’s Sno-pretty!

  1. Oh burrr! How much did you get? Are you “close”r than us to Rustburg/Lynchburg? Our fam is there. We need to call.
    Wrap in some of those warm fleeces turned sweaters!
    (love your new header!)

    • Well you see we already had a good bit still on the ground from last weekend but my little precipitation gauge had 8″ on it this morning, after the heavy rain Friday our best guess would be in the neighborhood of close to 10″. How much did you get? We are closer to Lynchburg than’s about an hour give or take from here.

  2. Yikes, this is where I say better you than me but then I looked at the forcast and we are do to get dumped on again this week.

    At least your herd is in full fleece and is hardier than we are.

    On a side note, I’ve been feeling bad for one of my alpaca I bought from a farm in Texas. This is her first Michigan Winter. I wonder what she’s thinking.

    • This mess is really starting to get on my nerves. I do not drive in the snow not to mention my pickup is 2 wheel drive. I’m starting to feel like I am in “farm prison hell” and if we get hit again Tuesday..well, wow. My Mom is still quite ill and I haven’t been able to see her in over a week now. She says she understands but her sighs say different.

      Your Texas girl is probably wondering why me but then she thinks a little more and says “I love my new home and family so much a little cold and snow is OK!”.

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