How Weather Affects Us

Wow, so far 2010 has been a royal pain in the #@** with regards to weather in Virginia and many other places. So many of our Blog entries are filled with photos of the latest snowstorms, flooding and mud. From the inside looking out it’s just one big Holiday card waiting to be the farmer, as we pull on our Carhart’s and boots, it’s another day of adverse conditions to try and do what has to be done or not getting things done at all.

In all fairness, right now I think everyone is having a hard time with the weather though. I know around here, we are simply not use to all of this snow and neither is our livestock. Poor things..they don’t know what to do with themselves. The sheep and goats hoove at the ground, expecting to find grass and there isn’t any..there’s just more snow. My guys have taken to just lying on top of the snow and snoozing. When the grain bucket surfaces they are like mad animals running in all directions, then they look at us like “oh no, not this stuff again”. It’s kind of sad, at least we can go to the market or our local co-op and get fresh lettuces and other veggies.  They can’t nor can we afford to do that for them.

So we do things like talk about spring and plod through our seed catalogs, looking forward to those warmer days. For those of us who are responsible for like this always keeps us at a little higher stress level whether we realize it or not. Be sure to take care of you during this time of year. Eat right and work on that attitude. In the long run you will be better off for it and so will your farm.


12 thoughts on “How Weather Affects Us

  1. I know how snow can wreak havoc on feeding and all – and freezing temps can really drive you crazy for watering. It is pretty, but I bet you’ll be glad to see ground again! Our goats don’t bother going ou t in snow!

    • Yes, the ground would be nice to see. Our goats are funny, they act like puppies in the snow but when its time to rest they head into the barn.

      I really appreciate your comment. – MaLinda

  2. I always find a combination of sadness and giggles when I see an animal see snow for the first time!

    Yes, the weather certainly has it’s effects.

  3. My goats do not like to walk in the snow. When I open the barn door, they turn and back off.

    The weather can throw some extra work in there, but its all worth it (at least I say that right now).

    Have a great evening, MaLinda!

    Oh…by the way, we have 7.5 inches on the ground, and are being told we have receive an additional 8″ with the storm moving in tonight. Oh boy, oh boy.

  4. I’m trying to get zen about the weather. While taking care of the animals takes a bit longer-I have actually gotten into my winter routine. And I feel a measure of satisfaction that I am able to deal with the animals needs. I try to find humor in the animal’s behavior during our snow covered chilly winter. Like I noticed I was not getting many eggs from my chickens-until I discovered that they changed their laying location to the warmer barn-found 11 eggs in the hay as I was feeding the goats. Stay happy! Kat

  5. Hang in there, spring can not be that far away . . . can it?? I’ve taken to wearing snowshoes around the place. It’s much easier than sinking in waist-deep!
    By the way, I love the new look of the blog. Great job.

    • Thanks for the Blog needed a change and some organization.

      Snowshoes sound like a wonderful idea. Since i can’t get out the darn driveway maybe I should order several pair!

      You hang in there too my dear.

  6. I’m having daily panic attacks just waiting for the next dump to come….I’m afraid I won’t have enough hay to out last this mess. But once I get out with the girls, I feel a peace come over me. They take it in stride and have many lessons to teach me.

    You ready for today/tomorrow/Friday? Hang tight my friend, Spring really is only 4.5 wks away!!! Come on March 20th!

    Good joke I heard Jay Leno tell: “You know they always said the Saints would win when hell (D.C.) freezes over!!”


    The snow just started falling about 10 minutes ago and the rescue squad just took Mom to the hospital about an hour ago. I hope they keep her until this mess is out of here this time. She’s not doing at all well and I haven’t been able to get into to town to see her since Friday a week ago. So the end of this weather would be greatly appreciated..don’t ya know!

    Stay safe and give the girls good lovin!

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