Naomi - June 2003 - February 2010

We are very sad to say this morning that we lost Naomi as a result of complications from Polioencephalomalacia. She put up a good fight and we worked with her day and night but in the end, I think we may have noticed her symptoms to late to save her. After her first injection of Vitamin B1, she rallied almost immediately. We continued her injections but yesterday afternoon, she went down again and at midnight she was gone. We will miss her so much. What a beautiful and wonderful girl she was, her fleece was to die for and her personality was perfect.

Naomi was born in the June of 2003 and weighed in at 15 pounds. We worried about her Mom (Ada Claire) because she was a very small ewe, but upon returning from work the day she delivered, she had given birth to this monster lamb without incident. Naomi never lambed herself. We figured she thought that just wasn’t for her but she was an awesome baby sitter. She would wait, sometime not patiently, for the lambs to be big enough to play with. Their Mother’s obviously frowned upon Naomi’s behavior but she’d just make wide circles, roust up the lambs and it was game on!! Her fleece was like nothing I had ever seen. She was the granddaughter of Natalina Marie (our grandmother’s names) who was one of our original foundation flock. This is where that magnificent fleece came from..a Rambouillet x Romney x Border Leicester makes for some of the most gorgeous fleece and tons of it. She always produced the highest volume of fleece of any animal on this farm..rams included. I will miss that too.

As my husband stood over her lifeless body he said, “she is safe now in the ultimate Shepherd’s flock”. Goodbye my sweet girl, your’s is a presence that will definitely be missed.


11 thoughts on “Polioencephalomalacia-Naomi-Update

  1. Oh I’m so sad……no words can really comfort in times of great loss. But knowing we are not alone is a small comfort. Oh yes, she truly is with the Great Shepherd. She was a beauty.

  2. I was very sorry to hear about your girl. Nice words from your hubby-always a bit easier to have someone to help you carry the burden of pain. Weird and mean disease! Sorry you had to go through that. Loosing our animals are always sad. I am sure she had a happy life. Hope you have an easier Spring!

  3. Excellent Web site! I was wondering if I would be able quote a portion of your Polioencephalomalacia-Naomi-Update Living & Loving The Shepherd's Life and use a couple of things for a school assignment. Please let me know through email whether its ok or not. Thanks

  4. I love what your husband had to say and it’s true, she’s not in any pain anymore.

    I am so glad you shared this as part of Fiber Arts Friday because our love for fiber starts with the care of the animal it comes from. When people buy our wool, alpaca, etc…in any form, I wish they would think about who grew that fiber and the life that the animal lives. Maybe that’s why I put a face on my herd. Those animals have health issues, bullies in the pasture, eating issues, etc.

    Rest in peace, Naomi.

    Thank you for sharing as part of Fiber Arts Friday.

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