It’s Been A Long Time

To all who were following my Blog, please accept my sincere apology for being gone for so long. So many things have happened since my last post in May but mostly it has all been about my Mother. As so many of you already know from following Breeze Hill Farm in other places, I lost my Mom on Monday, November 22,2010. Allow me to take this time to write about her a bit.

My Mom and I had a great life together..she was Mom but she was also the best friend any girl/woman could have ever asked for. Shortly after my life began, November 23, 1956, it was just Mom and me. My father, who I refer to as “the sperm donor” left us when I was only 6 months old and was never part of my life, so it was just Mom and me. She worked hard all of her life..first to give me all that I needed as a child and then after because all she ever knew was to work hard. She never had a date when I was a revolving door men for me to get use to. She said, “let me raise my child first..there will be plenty of time for men later”. The day I had my first date..she had hers. When I was 18, she finally remarried, a man that was evident, the love of her life. During her life she told her Father goodbye and her Mother, her Aunts and Uncles, and many of her Cousins. The greatest loss though was her husband. You see she waited for all those years..raising me..and was only fortunate to have him for 13 years. But in those 13 years they lived and loved like it had been just them forever. She was only 54, but there was never another to take his place.

Mom was a generous and giving person. If she had it, it was yours. Many times I found myself a little jealous at just how selfless she was and she tried as hard as she could to teach me to be the same (didn’t work out all that well, as she was also teaching me to be independent and to stand my ground).

After becoming an adult, I began to realize what a truly amazing woman she was. She would work, cook, clean, read me stories, let me read stories to her, took me shopping, played basketball with me, taught me to ride a bike, issued firm warnings about my behavior..even spanked me 3 whole times in my entire life (I more than deserved each one!), held my hair back when I drank too much the first time, held me in her arms the first time my heart was broken, supported me in everything I’ve ever done in my life, loved me whole total and unconditional always. My Mother never said she was disappointed in me ever. In the years since my Step-Father’s passing, she and I became tried and true friends. We went to the grocery store together on Friday evenings but always started our evening with dinner out. We talked on the phone daily. Sometimes serious but mostly just chatting.

When we bought our farm, she loved to come out for the weekend..she loved animals and wanted to be around them as much as possible (something I never knew). When I’d take her home on Sunday’s she would cry as we pulled out of the driveway. I always made her a part of our farm..naming animals, making additions, losses, every part of our farm life was shared with her. When other Mom’s were buying their daughters pretty things for themselves and their homes..Mom was combing the pages of the NASCO, Tractor Supply and L.L. Bean catalogs for my gifts. One day she asked me..not that long ago if I even had a dress for her funeral. I don’t remember my answer at the time but sadly, the day she died I had to go to a department store and buy a suit.

I cannot believe how much I miss her. I miss our daily talks and I miss the light in her eye when I would talk about the farm. So many times I’ve picked up the phone, dialed her number and hung up. If it is ever possible to be too close to your Mom, I’m afraid I was. When sadness becomes so very overwhelming it’s odd but our animals seem to know. The dogs are all over me all the time, the sheep and goats seem to just want to hang (not that crazed, Oh she has a bucket), our pig and llama seem to be’s OK we’re here. I love the warmth and love they have in their eyes..unconditional love.

So many people have said how horrible it was to loose Mom the day before my birthday. My response to that is, I was the recipient of her one last selfless act..How a great a gift to be given than to see the end to the suffering that had become her life. She had been so sick and miserable..her once vibrant life had become nothing but her illness. There was no amount or wishing or praying on my part that could turn the page and make her better. She had fulfilled her time here on earth..she was tired and it was time for her to go.

Mama was an angel here on earth and because of my upbringing I can only believe she is an angel gracing the halls of heaven.

I love you Mama.




Wow, I had no idea how much this farm has missed me! Before I go any further with this entry, let me take a moment to say how thankful I am for my husband. He has done a beautiful job working a full time, away from the farm job, and working another full time job here. I couldn’t have done anything without him!

We spent the weekend fencing. When we moved here there was existing fencing. Some of it was in good shape but most of it was barely fencing at all. We’ve done lots of repairs, replacements and quick fixes but it’s time now to start doing serious replacement work. It looks pretty good! Instead of using field fence, we’ve started using no-climb horse fencing. It’s much more effective at staying in place when you have horned creatures like goats. If all we were fencing were sheep, we could use picket fence. They are not the fence challengers that goats are.

So, next weekend we will finish the fencing project and move on to barn repairs and garden preparation. Now that the time has changed we have some daylight in the evening and I hope we will be able to do those barn repairs in day by day increments.  All of the snow and rain we’ve had this winter has done some serious damage to certain parts of the barn. Also, it really needs painting – It’s on the list!

See that lean on the right side? Not good!

Over the last couple of weeks I have batched up about 200 pounds of soap so within the next few weeks I’ll be molding, packaging and delivering soap again. The patience and understanding my customers have shown this winter has been very much appreciated.

As I’ve been typing, a thunderstorm has worked its way here – the heavens have opened and it’s pouring rain. With the warm temps I guess I’d better add grass cutting to the list of “To Do’s”.


Naomi - June 2003 - February 2010

We are very sad to say this morning that we lost Naomi as a result of complications from Polioencephalomalacia. She put up a good fight and we worked with her day and night but in the end, I think we may have noticed her symptoms to late to save her. After her first injection of Vitamin B1, she rallied almost immediately. We continued her injections but yesterday afternoon, she went down again and at midnight she was gone. We will miss her so much. What a beautiful and wonderful girl she was, her fleece was to die for and her personality was perfect.

Naomi was born in the June of 2003 and weighed in at 15 pounds. We worried about her Mom (Ada Claire) because she was a very small ewe, but upon returning from work the day she delivered, she had given birth to this monster lamb without incident. Naomi never lambed herself. We figured she thought that just wasn’t for her but she was an awesome baby sitter. She would wait, sometime not patiently, for the lambs to be big enough to play with. Their Mother’s obviously frowned upon Naomi’s behavior but she’d just make wide circles, roust up the lambs and it was game on!! Her fleece was like nothing I had ever seen. She was the granddaughter of Natalina Marie (our grandmother’s names) who was one of our original foundation flock. This is where that magnificent fleece came from..a Rambouillet x Romney x Border Leicester makes for some of the most gorgeous fleece and tons of it. She always produced the highest volume of fleece of any animal on this farm..rams included. I will miss that too.

As my husband stood over her lifeless body he said, “she is safe now in the ultimate Shepherd’s flock”. Goodbye my sweet girl, your’s is a presence that will definitely be missed.