Just A Little Bit More..Snow That Is

Taken At 8:00 AM This Morning!

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7 thoughts on “Just A Little Bit More..Snow That Is

  1. What’s your count…I’m estimating we got about 24″ just for today….good thing a little melted this week from the 28″ last week!!!!!!! I’m done. Nuff already!

    Hope your lambies are safe and warm! And I hope your mom is doing ok.

    • We got another maybe 5″ last night but the wind is just awful. Still is. There still is not a single spot on this property where you can see dirt. The animals, the husband animal and me have all had enough. Yesterday he had to haul 200 lbs. of grain on his back down to the barn. He’s a little guy, 54 and smokes..thought I was going to loose him. We can’t get the vehicles to the barn at all.

      They are calling for another storm this weekend. I am never going to get out of this place.

  2. Wow-that is tough hauling all that grain. And the snow is not very easy to walk in. He deserves a really big gold star. Our place looks similar-I lost all my walking trails! Animals holding their own.

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