Merry Christmas From The Farm

I loved this so much I had to snitch from a facebook friend and share with everyone!!



Hear we go! This is Gryffon (aka Scrap). He is the little goat buckling born a week ago this past Sunday. Being a musical family here, we have decided that Scrap needs a song all his own. Once he has a song, we will add that song to a video of Scrap doing what little goaties do and create his own music video! His song can be any type of music..even Christmas music. It should be fitting of a little critter that at this point weighs about 8 pounds and has enough energy for 5 of him.

So we need for you all to come up with a song. If we choose the song you come up will win 2 of our new Natural Nesting Balls. See one for you and one to give as a gift! You must live in the US to enter this giveaway as we are covering the shipping as well.

So go to the comments for this post and start listing the song you think will best work for Scrap. At days end tomorrow we will go through your suggestions and pick the song that we feel best fits Scrap. Please make sure I have some way to contact you to let you know that you are the winner. We will take care of the shipping details later.

Scrap’s music video will air before Christmas!

It’s Sno-pretty!

Well who knew that the snowstorm the weather people down played this morning would turn out to look like this?

It is still coming down and doesn’t really show signs of stopping. I just walked into the kitchen to see what I might eat next and the kitchen window was full of birds (had the storm window up). The poor things don’t know what to do with themselves.

This photo is what I see when I look out that same kitchen window. The girls were looking for hubs to come feed them.One thing for sure, if you have a camera and you’ve had a snowy winter, you definitely got your shots for next years Christmas card. According to the forecast, we’re going to have more snow Tuesday! Can’t wait.

Be safe and stay warm.